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From: "Endy9" 
Subject: (urth) Rah Rah mailing list
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 15:03:54 -0500

Endy wrote:
>>Do you really want to attack my motives for writing instead of simply
>>agreeing or disagreeing and open yourself to the same inspection?

mantis responded:
>Did I attack?
>Did I attack your motives for writing?
>I tried to make it clear that I wouldn't touch your opinion, but I took
>umbrage at your hurtful words that, imho, verge on flaming. The bile that
>leaks out and spoils the diplomacy of discourse: not the content of what
>you said, but the aggressive and antagonistic way in which you said it. I
>thought I said as much before, and you have yet to retract or apologize, or
>even acknowledge the offense.
>Did I attack your semi-flaming? Perhaps I did.

Didn't realize this was a pep rally for GW where only positive critiques
were acceptab.  Thought it solicited honest opinions of his works and even
his motives.   And if anyone should ask for an apology from me it would be
GW not you mantis.  I said nothing regarding you or your motives.

Enjoy your private mailing list.  I'll stick to the public forums such as
rec.arts.sf.written from now on.


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