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Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 16:26:57 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) Wolfe's presence

Hey guys, I thought you might find this interesting.  I asked Mr. Wolfe how he 
felt about guys proposing absurd readings of his texts (I might have myself in 
mind more than most people on the list, I suppose) and the discussion group in 
general, and he came back with this equitable reply:

"I rarely check the discussion group.  My feeling is that it's unfair for the 
author to step in and say nope, I didn't mean that, I meant this.  Besides, 
the more the author does that, the less interest there will be in the 
questions.  In other words, yes there is an authoritative interpretation, but 
it should be trotted out only in extraordinary cases."

Pretty cool.  The thing that I find the funniest about this discussion group 
(which I enjoy immensely and think has some of the finest minds online- have 
no doubts there) in particular is how attached we grow to our own 
interpretations (and how often offhand comments and hasty statements actually 
provoke unintended animosity).  Of course I think I am guilty of this, too.  
It's funny that Mr. Wolfe doesn't seem too concerned with forcing the "right" 
interpretation of his work, when he has invested  a lot more in it than us (or 
me - I'll stick to criticizing my own interpretive/iron-fisted stubborn 

Have a nice one!
Marc Aramini


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