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Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 10:30:00 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) horn to silk

Hi Steve.  In response to your statement that you liked the narrator of IGJ 
and RTW, but not the one of OBW, I totally agree that they are actually 
different people.  I have explained the change to my own satisfaction on the 
list - the majority of Horn leaves the narrator at the end of OBW when he 
slumbers under the big tree and flees into Babbie (that weird scene where horn 
believes he IS Babbie - a beast with three "horns" - note how babbie treats 
Horn's son at the end of Return to the Whorl on Urth - he is mean until he 
recognizes him, then he bear hugs him and points at his "horns" to indicate 
his name)- since the trees are the "gods" or creators, to some degree of the 
vanished people, they have their powers of transmigration.  Many, many people 
disagree with me, but I maintain that the entire change in narration supports 
my ideas - this is where the narrator's voice changes - right after he says 
goodbye to everyone and then Silk awakens - and the outlook of the narrator 
becomes positive RIGHT away - he claims his text was too negative, and that he 
should have said how much Hari mau smiled, etc.  I have a lot of other ideas 
about the trees and their importance which have already been posted - but I 
just thought I'd restate that one for you.
Marc Aramini


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