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Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 14:26:34 +0300
From: Christopher Culver 
Subject: (urth) Re: Horn in Babbie

Stephen Case  wrote:
> That still leaves Nettle =
> though.  Why in the whorl did she go along with Silk (who isn't her =
> husband) and his girlfriend?  To find Horn, who she believes might
> still = be wandering the Whorl or Green?  Kind of tragic . . .

I think Nettle is leaving for the opposite reason, that she knows that
Horn is dead, her children are now full grown, and she has no reason to
remain on an isolated island near crime-ridden New Viron. Thus she
returns to the Whorl, which apparently still seems her true home to her.

And of course the final scene of RttW could be scene as a representation
of the Harrowing of Hell, the medieval notion that in his three days of
death Christ entered Limbo and freed the Old Testament righteous.

For me, the most annoying issue concerning the group's departure for the
Whorl is the inclusion of Seawrack. While Silk had some of Horn's
memories and wanted to see her again enough to learn to call her from
Scylla, I don't understand while Seawrack wishes to depart for a strange
new place with a person she doesn't even know, and who possesses no
longer the personality she loved three years before.

Christopher Culver


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