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From: "Jonathan Dale" 
Subject: RE: (urth) Suicide & Despair
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 10:33:12 -0700

I suspect that Silk was very distraught over the death of Hyacinth
caused by the disease that it mentions. I also think (and the text seems
to support) that he smashed up the place and then cut himself in his
grief (whether ritual or atonement or just craziness); perhaps the
neighbours heard all of these strange noises and breaks coming from the
nearby house and figured him to be crazy or dangerous. I also think that
Silk wanted to die, but would not or could not do it himself, which
explains the Neighbours reference to transferring Horn into a healthy
body (relatively, or at least not dying) whose soul was dying. The story
from this point is basically documentation of the gradual loss of
Horn-in-Silk and the reaffirmation of the Silk character and persona.
However, it is not clear to me where the Horn persona goes to (if it
indeed goes anywhere; he may just cease to exist).

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> >--- James Jordan  wrote:
> > >          It seems to me that Silk's throwing away a
> > > knife might be a knife
> > > he used in a vain attempt to ward off attackers, not
> > > one he used to inflict
> > > wounds on himself. The Neighbor says Silk's body is
> > > okay. It seems to me
> > > that if he had been trying for suicide, he would
> > > have succeeded. But I may
> > > be wrong.
> > >
> >I just had a horrid thought: all this talk about arm
> >wounds, a lack of memory of how they got that way and
> >the carriage of a weapon reminds me of a murder in San
> >Diego years ago (I grew up there); is it possible that 
> Silk/Horn killed 
> >someone with that knife and the wounds are the result of his victim 
> >fighting back?
>          Well, yes. That's just what I think happened. He was 
> defending his 
> house and his wife and himself. The horror of having killed 
> someone (or at 
> least wounded him and driven him off) + the death of Hyacinth 
> -- well, 
> that's enough for Silk to despair.
>          But I may be wrong.
> Nutria
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