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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:27:38 -0700
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth) Two Silk questions

Andrew Bollen asked about:

>    Two questions which bug me about SIlk, and for  which I don't see any
>clear answers or developed theories in the  archives:   (1) His "other"
>parents. At some point Silk has a  vision which includes two sets of
>parents (memory hazy on details). We know who  his "host" parents are;
>what about the others? Is there anything which gives us  a hint?

As the others have already answered, the others are presumed to be his
biological parents.  Now, as to the rest of the same question: who are
they, themselves.  It is tricky, since we understand Silk was a frozen
embryo.  IIRC, just about the only thing we know about the biological
parents is that both are blond, which goes along well with Silk being
blond. To further complicate things, the embryo was probably genetically
altered, given various enhancements (i.e., the embryo is not strictly

Beyond this iirc there are suggestions made to Silk that are definitely
meant to be manipulative of him, and whether they contain a grain of truth
or are entirely true remains open to speculation and interpretation.  IIRC,
I had the impression that Kypris and Pas (both blond) were the biological
parents, or wanted him to believe that (the secret love child of the
adulterous affair); which raises an interesting problem, because clearly
the two blonds he saw were not gods.   I would've sworn all this was
covered here before, but I guess not: So I privately entertained the idea
that maybe the ones he saw were the un-deified versions of Kypris and Pas,
the raw, unenhanced scans of two mundane people (hmmm, and I guess that
would have to have happened before Typhon got the second head?) in
Mainframe. Or maybe the difference between fake-heaven Mainframe and real
heaven (real heaven would not have Typhon with two heads)--and Silk has
seen them in real heaven?  (Which would add something to Silk's dampened
enthusiasm at the airship's Mainframe visit.)

OTOH, the hypothetical claim to being parents of Silk could also be traced
to the genetic engineering: Kypris and Pas drew up the blueprint of
modifications to an embryo created from two blond mundanes.



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