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Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 16:29:35 -0500
From: James Jordan 
Subject: (urth) Daddy Typhon?

At 11:43 AM 7/15/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Nutria wrote:
> >Pas is not yet dead when Silk sees his dead biological parents in the
> >Outsider's "Mainframe," so he cannot be Silk's father.
>Ah, but we are talking =biological= life here, not VR life in Mainframe.
>And I'm sure you will agree that Typhon, the biological pre-form of Pas, is
>long dead by the time of Silk; as is Typhon's extramarital girlfriend.

         I meant Typhon, not Pas. Sorry.
         But, no, I won't agree. You certainly remember more details than I 
do, so help me out. Sure, Typhon's original body is gone, but his soul is 
alive, if asleep, waiting to be awakened by Severian and finally slain. So 
he ain't dead.
         Or have we decided that when Silkhorn goes to Urth to visit 
Severian he goes back in time? In that case Typhon would be dead. But it's 
hard to imagine Wolfe has him in the same Outsider heaven as Silk's 
"adoptive" parents. Typhon does not seem like the "loving" type that Silk 
sees during his period of death.
         Still, Typhon is not dead, not for another 20-30 years, from what 
I can tell.
         Help me out here.



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