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From: "Andy Robertson" 
Subject: Re: (urth) blonds of the Commonwealth
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 16:53:37 +0100

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From: "Alice K. Turner" 

> A thought to add to my own last post: there is a logical explanation, or
> least a novelist's explanation, for the culturally, racially and sexually
> segregated cities (or enclaves) of the Whorl and Blue. It's that old joker
> Typhon/Pas at it again. He wants his "ark" to preserve as many or Urth's
> customs and bloodlines as possible, so he sets up these artificially
> segregated cities and preserves "ethnic purity" (or the cultural
> by setting them all at each other's throats. (Helps keep the population
> too--a lot like Yahweh, our Typhon.)

Seems obvious enough.

More to the point, it is obviously the best policy for colonising a new
world, preserving the greatest variability and making sure someone will be
preadapted to survive at a low tech level whatever the environment.

But Pas did not make the cities war with each other: that just comes
naturally.   Rather he separated the cities as much as possible.



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