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Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 04:52:59 +0000 (GMT)
From: Josh Geller 
Subject: (urth) Terry Scoggin, Texas deadbeat

On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, Michael Andre-Driussi wrote:

> Ladies and Gentlemen,

> We have a John Crowley fan, name of Terry D. Scroggin, who lives in Valley
> View, Republic of Texas.  Email tjscoggin@ntin.net

> He ordered a chapbook and I sent him one.  Then his check bounced.  I
> contacted him by email two weeks ago and asked him to send a money order or
> cash to cover the amount plus the bank charge, a total of $12.

> He responded quickly:
>> Well, I did in fact close that account, but only last week.  According
>> to the bank (on this end), the check was paid, but then they screwed me
>> out of over $250, and that after only a year of service.  I don't know
>> where it went, and they say they don't either.  Do whatever you have to
>> do.

> It is that "Do whatever you have to do" part that continues to bug me.
> Maybe it means something different in Texan, but it sure sounds to me like
> "Hey, it isn't my problem (and you aren't likely to come all the way out to
> Texas for $12, but if you do, you can try and squeeze blood from my
> turnip)."

I think it means you're out $12.00

> Well now we are up to $20.  I'd like to publically shame and humiliate Mr.
> Scroggin into paying the $20 right now before it goes up again.

Excuse me: it looks like you're out $20.

I'll be sure not to sell Scroggin anything.

> To this end I'd like people to tell him not to be a jerk and to send the
> money order right away.

> Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!

I'd say publicize the facts and write it off. I think that blackening Mr.
Scroggin's reputation is probably a fine and a worthwhile thing to do.

But I feel you have small chance of seeing any money.

Good luck!


PS I've Cc:'ed Mr. Scoggin. It's way to late in my life to start talking
   about people behind their backs.


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