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From: "cilluff1@optonline.net" 
Subject: RE: (urth) Long Sun puzzles
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 13:37:20 -0400

James Wynn (Crush) wrote:

"Half to
himself he muttered, 'She didn't-not forever=2E Not even as long as I=2E'
Orchid turned to look at him=2E 'No, she didn't=2E Now shut up=2E'"

My question is: She didn't what? Kill herself? Orchid never seems to doubt=

that she killed herself so why would she say "she didn't"=2E Anyway, you c=
kill yourself forever and Silk hasn't done that=2E What is Silk talking ab=
and why doesn't Orchid want him saying it? This statement with it's iambic=

meter smells like an extra-literary quote=2E>>>

Later in LS, in the scene where Silk tells Orchid how he knew Orpine was
her daughter this comment is made clear=2E  Orpines, we learn in this scen=
are also known as "live forevers," so Silk's comment is a reference to the=

irony of Orpine's name -- Orpine, unlike what her name would suggest, did
not "live forever=2E"  Orchid, as Orpine's mother, was aware of the "live
forever" meaning to Orpine's name, and so she picked up on Silk's comment=2E=

At least, this is my understanding of it=2E


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