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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 07:44:01 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) peacock murderer clues and two random bits.

I am a bit surprised that no one mentions the most obvious hint that Peacock 
is going to kill Olivia.  We know that most of the names of the text (gold, 
black, "olive-ia", peacock blue, etc.) are associated with colors.  When 
colors appear, they are associated with these characters.  Read the section 
where Olivia and Peacock and Den are in the cave with the skull - Olivia 
places great importance on wrapping the remains of their dinner in blue ribbon 
and says that Weer will remember it later when it is important, and it will 
make sense.  This is her transtemporal way of saying that the seal on her own 
casket will be enacted by the man associated with blue - Prof. Peacock.  The 
death imagery in the whole cave scene is overwhelming, and Olivia even talks 
about killing Peacock as they descend, if I'm not mistaken. Throughout the 
text color really does invoke a particular character.  Also, in the embedded 
tales, anything with the initials S.B. invokes the banker and reveals a bit 
more about his situation.

Two more things - I got a letter the other day from Mr. Wolfe, and it was 
written on a manuscript page from In Green's Jungles.  I wasn't sure if it was 
a mistake or not, or what stage of revision it was from.  If it was textually 
different from the published version I was going to post it in it's entirety - 
alas, after finding the portion in the published book that corresponded with 
the pages.  The only change was one adjective - in the manuscript "a boar" 
became "a MATURE boar" in the published version. Shoot.

Finally, found a good quote in In Green's Jungles.  It is in the first 
chapter- I don't have the text directly in front of me, but since I'm typing I 
might as well put it down and then repost it later.  It is two paragraphs that 
says (in paraphrase which I will repost tonight exactly with page number) 
"Green was a whorl made for trees. Indeed, green was a whorl made by trees ... 
the only problem that the trees hadn't solved was that of the lianas."  
Remember that the only problem on green is that of the inhumi - and I insist 
that the liana are the inhumi and the trees are sentient.  (However, I would 
argue that the trees were made for Green) I will quote more later - but I grew 
weary of reiterating the same thing about these trees.
Have a good day.
Marc Aramini


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