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From: "Don Doggett" 
Subject: (urth) reflected light
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 21:27:12 -0800

Marc said:
"Thanks Don.
I'm glad you give some credit to my theories."

You're welcome.  I think they're sound theories, and they're entertaining on
top of that.  (Of course, if they're right, Mr. Wolfe gets the credit.  If
they're wrong, you just have a vivid imagination :)

Marc also said:
"Anyway, perhaps when Silk grabs the ball, the whorl slows down from FTL or
light speed and then enters the normal time stream - perhaps his re-entry
the universe causes the brain abnormality or heightened consciousness that
allows Silk a communion with the Outsider - he has re-entered time - perhaps
Pas planned it so that when the ship slowed down that a cloned embryo would
respond by being enlightened and unconsciously rise to power and enact the
Exodus that had been foretold. Silk then becomes just another part of the
program of the whorl. Pretty neat, I guess, even though I don't think Mr.
Wolfe favors a completely deterministic world view such as that might

I think that the Outsider has subverted Pas' plan almost from the start, and
sending the Whorl back to Ushas is the culmination, followed closely by the
subversion of Typhon's clone (Silk).

I felt the same as you about Pig's words to Silk.  I imagine it is a play on
the sound of the words to give the sentence dual meaning.  The question I
have is why is it where it's at in the narrative?



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