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From: "Chris" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Blue as Ushas
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 11:30:24 +0000

Thanks for the welcome, Roy

I agree with your point here, though perhaps for different reasons. The 
religious aspects are open to a very wide amount of interpretation, and 
whether you believe Blue is Ushas or not you can choose to take it 
negatively and nothing stops you.

I look at the question like this: asking if Blue is Ushas is somewhat akin 
to asking if Ushas is Urth. Perhaps, in a sense, they are? But in the most 
important sense they're different, and have different meanings, which go 
along with the different names. This, to me, is far more important than the 
argument over the means of how Blue might be Ushas. In this sense I feel 
you're dead on in bringing the "higher" level into it.

To Don: Thank you for your welcome as well.

Unfortunately I think your red star is another red herring. Silk did see 
this star at least once, in the enlightenment given him by the Outsider, 
along with a lot of other knowledge of history, etc. One can easily argue 
that Silk's enlightenment is false or partially mistaken (certainly Crane 
would agree). But to attack that is to attack a lot of other things, some of 
which are integral to all of our understanding of the novels.


>Let us posit--strictly for the sake of argument--that Blue is Ushas. How
>does that affect the overall picture Wolfe has drawn in the 12 SUN books?
>That is, is it consonant with the religious underpinnings Wolfe has given
>the extended series?

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