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Subject: Re: (urth) Quetzal in orbit
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 10:56:51 -0500

Charles Reed provided, among many other quotes and interesting
observations, the following:


This is something that has puzzled me, although I have only just started
reading Green so perhaps it becomes clear=2E  But, why did Quetzal try to
prevent any more theophanies?  I have no real answer, or even theory, but
only some musings that touch upon the subject=2E  Pas chose Blue and Green=
the destinations for the Whorl -- clearly the Whorl didn't arrive there at=

random, and Pas (or Typhon, I should say) must have been familiar enough
with them to know they would be habitable to humans=2E  Presumably, then, =
knew about the inhumi as well, yet he still chose Blue and Green as
destinations=2E  Why?  Was he "in cahoots" with the inhumi (and is that ho=
Quetzal got on board the Whorl?)?  After all, Quetzal speaks fondly of Pas=

(the type of person who loves a bird so much he sets them free) but not so=

nicely about the other "gods" (they are the type who cage those they love)=
The other "gods" of the Whorl stymied Pas' Plan to bring humanity to Blue
and Green for years, perhaps because they knew of the inhumi -- is this wh=
they killed Pas, to prevent the delivery of humanity into the hands of the=

inhumi, and is it also why Quetzal made such efforts to prevent
theophanies? =20

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