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Subject: RE: (urth) Quetzal in orbit
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 10:41:48 -0700
From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" 

Roy C. wrote...

> 1) How could an inhumi have attained that position?=20
> It's easier to imagine an inhumu=20
> assuming the human guise of an older man, perhaps even the=20
> identity of the heir apparent to the position, on the eve of=20
> his replacement.=20

I like this, and the variations that have been suggested on
it, but I perceive one hole that needs plugging ...=20

We repeatedly see an inhum[u|a] more-or-less successfully=20
create for [him|her]self a human identity, and masquerade=20
as a human who never existed before.

But can anyone cite a specific case where an inhum?=20
successfully masqueraded as a specific, already-existing
human person, in the presence of people who have known
that human person for years? (The case of Jahlee in the=20
farmhouse does _not_ work for this...)

Lacking that, is there any reason to believe that an
inhum? _could_ carry on such a deception, over a period
of years, among the people who knew the original best?



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