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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 15:12:36 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) argh argh argh

OK guys.  I just don't understand.  All these myths of Quetzal, cobra-like, 
climbing up a tree, clinging like a liana, planting a "parent tree" in front 
of his little palace, and no one believes that the inhumi are at all related 
to the vanished gods, the trees?  I can't convince you anymore.  I've cited 
and cited.  I've explained how the inhumi evolved from the vines plaguing the 
trees sent to terraform the green moon.  Of course Quetzal is like those 
serpent like lianas - his mamma might even be on the tree he planted - a vine 
or something that either came up with the lander, or in the words of Juganu, 
boarded on the red sun whorl in the past since "(ihumi) are everywhere!"  
Whatever.  The fruit is the blood that changes them, gives them knowledge, and 
affects their offspring.  They recombine with the fruit.  
Of course, once again we have blood equated with vegetable matter, as I've 
been arguing.  Re-read the Short Sun books, please.  I don't understand how 
you can argue with sentient trees. It is in like every chapter.  Please.  
Please.  I'll try to avoid repeating myself.  Have a nice day.  Even if you 
don't believe in time travel or polyploidy, those trees are not only alive but 
sentient and doing weird things and inextricably linked to the inhumi and the 
vanished people. And Horn's abilities --- "walk through brush" magic?  !!! 
give me a break!
Marc Aramini


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