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From: "Chris" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Marble on NPR
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 22:22:02 +0000

You know, since you mention it I have to bring up something that's been 
nagging at me persistently since I first read it.

The easiest and most coherent explanation of what happens with Marble and 
Rose is exactly as you describe, that some of the attributes/personality of 
Rose came over with her parts when Marble scavenged them. This is what I 
intuited, at any event, even before Silk realizes what's going on. *But* 
then I got thrown a loop which I find disturbing. There's a passage where 
Rose/Marble is speaking as Rose, which basically implies that she was 
present in Marble *before* the parts came over. I this is the same passage 
where she uses the phrase "reclaim" (in reference to the prosthetics) which 
has led some people here to theorize that it was Marble speaking, and that 
Rose had originally taken those parts from Marble long ago. However, the 
sense of it was that Rose was explaining why she had to take back the parts 
from her old body, and it makes no sense for her to go through this thought 
process (even as a rationalization) unless she was present in Marble just 

Of course, Rose/Marble could just be very confused by what she's gone 
through. I am uncomfortable dismissing it so easily, though.


>Today on National Public Radio, Terry Gross of "Fresh Air" interviewed poet
>Sekou Sundiata about receiving a kidney transplant from a female friend. He
>mentioned that transplant recipients sometimes report taking on attributes
>of the donors.
>It made me think of Marble and Rose.
>-- Crush

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