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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 07:00:23 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) urth inhumation and unwanted change

A lot of discussion on whether or not inhumi were hinted at on Urth - keep in 
mind that they would be on Lune in a simplistic state at that time period, 
with perhaps a few that had become humanoid due to Lune's settlers and the 
closeness of the moon to Urth.  Juganu does seem to say that "We are 
everywhere" when he is back on Urth (or was that Jahlee?).  I think Wolfe is 
trying to pull a literary joke: let me hide the setting of my text, let me 
hide the identity of the first narrator in a hus, and let me give enough 
evidence that can be ALMOST explained away - I don't see why he would feel 
compelled to give us a clear glimpse of inhumu on earth at all - HE DOESN'T 
WANT TO PLAY FAIR IN SHORT SUN. (Even though I think he really does give us 
just enough to figure it out and explain away the paradoxes).

Also, I got his final confirmation on whether or not Wolfe wanted the change 
in Epiphany of the Long Sun where, instead of saying "and then I came into the 
room", it says "and then Horn came into the room."
He says he didn't know about the change and he didn't like it.  Editors, man.
Marc Aramini


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