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From: "James Wynn" 
Subject: RE: (urth) Marbles hands and Oz magic
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:42:40 -0600

Roy said:
Now that you've acknowledged that you "don't believe any chem had hands like
that", that plays hell with your theory that they originally came from a
dismantled chem. Either Rose had them made to look that way, or that was the
best she could get when she needed them. Echidna had nothing to do with the
hands. They were not an illusion produced during possession. Marble "snapped
her new fingers" when she was deciding how to get the attic door down,
followed by more references to her new fingers (LS3: 5). She couldn't snap
her old ones because they were worn down to the bare metal.

Crush responds:
Raise one hand and one hand only. Now tell me how you snap your "FINGER"

There is no doubt that the parts came from a dismantled chem. Silk's
conversation with Horn in LS2:1 proves beyond argument that Rose's
prosthetics were not made originally for bios. Silk says quite clearly that
(1)such technology was left behind on Urth and (2)while Xiphias' leg was
such an artifact, Rose's definitely were not. The onus is on you to explain
where they came from if not from a chem?

Marble (impersonating Moly) in LS3:10 says she had been at the Sun St.
cenoby since before humans came to Viron. The onus is on you to explain what
happened to Moly.

Maybe you can show why anyone would create "bony blue-veined" prosthetic
hands for ***anyone***, but I'm afraid I find the concept absurd.

I've explained why the hands looked like that during Musk's sacrifice. I
don't like the lack of rational explanation FOR the explanation -- I'm not
sure "illusion" is the right word -- but I can't come up with any other
explanation. If you want to believe Marble inherited TWO hands and that the
Chapter had **altered** the hands in order to promote humility in Rose, have
at it. I like that explanation a great deal less. But the text places us
beyond believing that they were prosthetics originally created for a bio.

--- Crush


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