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Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 07:50:14 -0700
From: maa32 
Subject: (urth) absurd time anchor

Here are two absurd theories that attempt to account for the time travel to 
that particular point in Urth's history where Silk can meet Severian as a 
young man.  
Here is one: that Severian is actually going back with them to be placed in 
the tomb he will one day lie in - part of Scylla is Severian, who is ACTUALLY 
the dark spot floating next to the boat in both worlds (as the Vanished Person 
Swimmer who comes up on Horn's boat)- and perhaps he is folded into himself in 
the past of Urth and this explains why Severian always had some presentiment 
of his future from the very beginning.  Of course, this only accouts for 
Severian's presence on Blue in the last two visits to Urth, not in the first 
case with Rigolio.  Or perhaps when he goes back he joins up with Scylla to 
rest inside Oreb.  But it does account for his statement that he will end up 
in that tomb, which we have never seen actuated.

The other is that Severian is a vortex of time - a vivimancer, who attracts 
anyone with the ability to cross time (like the green man or Ossipago, et al.)

Or the affinity between Malrubius and Silk could serve as that anchor.  I need 
to re-read the texts again.  I will find a link the next time through.
Marc Aramini


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