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From: "Chris" 
Subject: Re: (urth) absurd time anchor
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 17:05:43 +0000

I don't know about the first (though I have my own theory as to Severian's 
presentiments, and the apparent Severian/Severian-2 deal).

With the second, though, the problem is that even if Severian is a sort of 
magnet for such events, Severian is practically everywhere and everywhen. So 
not only does he have to be a vortex, but he has to be more of a vortex at 
that *particular* time than any other time.


>Here are two absurd theories that attempt to account for the time travel to
>that particular point in Urth's history where Silk can meet Severian as a
>young man.
>Here is one: that Severian is actually going back with them to be placed in
>the tomb he will one day lie in - part of Scylla is Severian, who is 
>the dark spot floating next to the boat in both worlds (as the Vanished 
>Swimmer who comes up on Horn's boat)- and perhaps he is folded into himself 
>the past of Urth and this explains why Severian always had some 
>of his future from the very beginning.  Of course, this only accouts for
>Severian's presence on Blue in the last two visits to Urth, not in the 
>case with Rigolio.  Or perhaps when he goes back he joins up with Scylla to
>rest inside Oreb.  But it does account for his statement that he will end 
>in that tomb, which we have never seen actuated.
>The other is that Severian is a vortex of time - a vivimancer, who attracts
>anyone with the ability to cross time (like the green man or Ossipago, et 
>Or the affinity between Malrubius and Silk could serve as that anchor.  I 
>to re-read the texts again.  I will find a link the next time through.
>Marc Aramini

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