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From: "James Wynn" 
Subject: RE: (urth) Quetzal On Urth?
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 14:00:01 -0600

Charles brings the tablets from the mountain:
   Question:  In the Long Sun books, is Quetzal the only
   one of his kind on the Whorl?  Was he an original
   passenger or a late arrival?

   Gene Wolfe:  He was a late arrival.  He is not the only
   one of his kind, but the Inhumi are rare on the Whorl.

I still believe it to be relatively clear from the text that Quetzal is
a late boarder, but maybe this will convince some of the doubters.
 Crush, don't you have to give in now?  Or do you believe Gene Wolfe to
be so sadistic as to outright lie about his own books?

Crush concedes:
Sadistic, yes. But not in that way. I can hardly argue with the author. And
with this light thrown on the subject, I cannot divine any consistent
narrative value to Quetzal's story of A-man and Wo-man.


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