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Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 11:59:04 +1000 (EST)
From: David Duffy 
Subject: (urth) RE: punctuation

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, Dan'l Danehy-Oakes wrote:

> It's a pity we're limited to ASCII here ... in the old days
> of mimeo'd fanzines and such, we had a way cool bit of 
> invented-for-the-purpose punctuation called the "quasi-quote," 
> formed by typing the double-inverted-comma character, 
> backspacing, and typing a hyphen in the same place: meaning, 
> "I'm quoting this from memory, so the exact wording may be 
> wrong." Almost as useful as the interabang (? typed over !)
> for rhetorical questions and the often-discussed but never
> quite created "irony mark."
> --Blattid

I can't resist pointing out that these are used in chess notation:

"!?" interesting and speculative
"?!" bold but unsound

Lots of use for them on this list ;)

David Duffy.


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