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Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 12:31:33 -0700 (MST)
From: Bratt Ian 
Subject: Re: (urth) DOORS: The hero's name

>    "Viridan, Mr. . . ?"
>    "Green -- viridian's a bluish green."
> Later in the conversation, the therapist calls him Mr. Green, and he wonders
> how she knew his name.  But we eventually discover that she should have
> known his name anyway, because she was a therapist that he had already
> been seeing regularly.  However, from the snippet extracted above, it seems
> that the therapist did not know his name when she first sees him.
> I'm wondering whether it is possible that it really was his first time at the
> Mental Health Center, and if his name was not originally Green, but that
> somehow the goddess altered reality so that he would ex post facto be a
> mental patient and thus not be believed (and maybe so that his name would
> be Green, which fits in well with the winter-spring-renewal-Attis theme)?

It was not his first time at the Mental Health Center.  He had been going
there to treat his depression and that is how he met Lora the goddess when
she was working as a receptionist.  Her name was Lora Masterman.  She felt
sorry for Green and changed her appearence slightly and her name to Lora
Morgan to allow Green to pick her up in the park.  Later, when
Lora breaks off the relationship, she leaves Green's world and has to quit
her job as secretary.  The secretary that replaces her is new and doesn't
know Green's name.

on page 267:
Lunch with Lora
"You started blocking. You forgot -- I mean on the conscious level -- that
you were a patient, and that was very bad.  You even forgot that we'd met
in Dr. Nilson's office.  You talked about us meeting in the park, because
we took that walk during lunch.  And now --"

Green later accuses Lora of lying and says that she slightly changed her
appearance from Lora-the-secretary to Lora Morgan and let him pick her up
in the park.  He does, however, admit that Lora was right about the mental
Health Center.

"But you're telling the truth about one thing: I didn't want to admit I'd
been seeing a psychiatrist -- not even to myself.  Somebody like that
wasn't good enough for you -- I knew that."


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