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Subject: RE: (urth) DOORS: The Hero, The Otherworld, The Ending
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:29:36 -0500

Mantis wrote:


This was my take on it=2E  In support of this, the goddess supplies the na=
Adam for the hero, making me think that he is the "first man" for her spli=
again and again through all these worlds/lives=2E  Also, she does not comm=
or reply to his comment that she is drawn to men name William=2E  Of cours=
North and Klamm both are Williams, and the hero obviously is not them --
although perhaps I should just say he does not seem to be them=2E  I guess=

the fact that he meets them does not preclude them really being the "same"=

person from different worlds=2E  In fact, this would explain why Klamm cal=
the hero "Herr Kay," which is his own name=2E =20

The only wrinkle in the "hero as reincarnated Cpt=2E Billy" theory is Lara=
bread test, where he must drop the piece of bread into the wine and if it
sinks he can follow her=2E  Why would he need to do this if he really were=

the same man that Lara herself has been "following" (or at least "finding"=
again and again?  Of course, the dropping the bread into the wine obviousl=
conjures up the Catholic sacrement of Communion, and suggests that the her=
is in a sense being brought from the dead or reborn=2E


Interesting take that North is not really Wiliam, but takes it on to lure
the goddess=2E  I do like your reasoning though, but am not sure how he wo=
know the goddess likes Bills=2E


I'm not sure why he would die=2E  He can have sexual relations with a woma=
and live even in the other world -- Fanny herself remarked as such=2E  So =
would it be death to follow the goddess?  I have only read TAD once but
must have missed that part, I trust your keen eye to have picked it up but=

where is this reference?

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