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From: "cilluff1@optonline.net" 
Subject: Re: (urth) DOORS: The Hero, The Otherworld, The Ending
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 09:41:36 -0500

Adam wrote:


The Kafka reference is straightforward, you are certainly right there, but=

Wolfe must have had something else in mind other than a thinly veiled (if
veiled at all) reference to someone else's story=2E  Without a doubt the
names are an homage, but I think it doesn't go far enough simply to detect=

references to others' works in Wolfe's stories, and simply because it is a=

reference to Kafka doesn't mean there is a reason within TAD's universe fo=
why Klamm calls him Herr Kay, or that TAD's Klamm is little more than a
transplant to TAD's universe of Kafka's Klamm=2E =20


Well, that critcism assumes that GW views Klamm sympathetically as he woul=
not if Klamm=3DKissinger=2E  Kissinger is soft on communism, and Klamm is =
on the matriarchal, paganist society of the goddess: perhaps GW views both=

as, and intended both to be, unsympathetic, soft characters=2E  =20

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