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Subject: RE: (urth) C????????? F??????????
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:40:54 -0700
From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" 

> The point is, you can, just about,  write CF and not be Christian.

By that logic, it shouldn't be Catholic either, in that you
can write it and not be a Catholic. (Besides, I don't think
anyone can really _be_ a Christian ... it's an ideal to attain
to. Which is sufficient answer to the question of why some
"Christians" behave so badly.))

> Catholicism is deeply connected with Cosmology and physics.
> And ANTI-Catholicism is even more deeply connected - modern=20
> cosmology grew out of Catholic theology by opposition and
> binary fission.  Galileo etc.

A somewhat overblown story, but point taken ... Certainly
Catholicism is very deeply connected etc. Someone once
told me that you can't be a Catholic and not believe in
the literal seven-day creation; I said, "Oh, then I guess
the last half-dozen Popes haven't been Catholics..."

> A CASE OF CONSCIENCE would squeak in.   So would BLACK=20
> EASTER, which was, of course, dedicated to CSL.

H'mmm. BE/DAJ don't disguise the demons behind stfnal
conceits. If you allow such things, then the word
"mythopoeic" sounds better and better to me.

> Blish was an agnostic  BUT he was fascinated by the=20
> existential questions Christianity (and espescially=20
> Catholicism) has grappled with for so long.

I believe he converted to the C of E late in life.

> Did I ever tell you of the time I went to look for Lewis'=20
> grave in the Oxford  churchyard he was buried in, and found Blish's?

No! I went looking for Lewis' grave also, and got there too
late - the gates were locked, and I was leaving England next
day so couldn't come back. I didn't know Blish was buried=20
there also; now I _must_ go back.



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