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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 19:20:47 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) DOORS: malicapata and multiple Earths

Spectacled Bear wrote:
>I'm reading DOORS again for this discussion, and have reached ch 6.
>In the first chapter, how come the buck-toothed doctor does not know
>his name, but then says she has been worried about him? Has she just
>been reading his file up till then? Or maybe the suggestion of a
>retrospective change is right. Certainly he hasn't passed into another
>world, because this all takes place within one conversation in one place.

I understand.  Another possible spin at that early stage is that "Green" is
the name of a persona (of an unhinged person who thinks he is someone else)
or a personality of a man with multiple-personalities (so the doctor is
struggling to address the correct one of many).

The possibility of another version of Earth doesn't come until chapter 22
(when backstory is filled in), and even then it is only a possibility.

>What is "Malicapata"? An Otherworld disease, or something else?

I don't know.  My research has turned up nothing so far.  I find it
Graveseanly significant that the "boy" died 8 years ago, since 8 year
cycles figure prominantly in the Graves plan.

I'm not sure how to parse the word.  "Mali-" can be "evil" or "apple";
"-capata," I don't know . . . looks like past tense?  "He took the apple"?
"Evil got him"?



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