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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 21:59:39 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) Doors: copper is Kypris, and the name game

Previously I wrote:
>Wolfe seems to take great joy in working the metal copper into the story,
>presumably because copper is the metal of Aphrodite.  North's lockpick is
>made from copper wire he pulls from the wall . . . his talk of electricity
>then can be seen in some way as being about Love.  Think I'm kidding?  Lara
>uses the tv to look at Green in his hospital room, then blows the set out
>(shades of KTV, that is KyprisTV, in LS).  She also shows him a playback of
>his real world apartment at the time when he called and the strange guy
>answered (this stuff has always reminded me of David Lynch: in fact, TAD
>and CASTLEVIEW seem like Lynch movies to me).
>The cold hotel room is heated with a copper brazier.  And so on.

Well, ah . . . the "doors" themselves are all copper!  The frame on the
street that he passes through the first time, which is the one that is
being dismantled when he next returns to Earth (the lines are being put
underground), and he weeps right there on the street in front of . . . the
mental health place . . . without hardly knowing why, except that the door
he used before is no longer available.

Up next, the name game:

What is the significance of the double initial people?  The most
significant seeming case is that of the two boxers, Joe Joseph and "Sailor"
Sawyer (Otherworld), JJ vs. SS; then there is H. Harris Henry (a triple),
the company president or owner (Earth); and least Bridget Boyd (Earthwoman
who pursues hero a bit).

Is there a patterned progression in initials, as we see in "Forlessen"?
The first victim we glimpse is Al Bailey ("AB") who is done by Gloria
Brooks ("GB").

The Adam/William twins.  IF one supposes that the two rivals of the white
goddess are always named "Adam" and "William," what does this mean?  Aside
from "Will" as in "volition," obtained from the title of Liddy's book, that
is to say.  Adam is "first man," obviously, but is there any way that
William can be "last man"?  Yes, in the way that "W" graphically
corresponds to lowercase "omega," the last letter of the Greek alphabet:
hence "alpha and omega."



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