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Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 09:24:11 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: Re: (urth) DOORS: Tina

Roy C. Lackey wrote:
> Such a life-like doll as Tina was beyond the technical
> ability of our world fifteen years ago, yet in every other way the
> Otherworld seems decades behind ours in technology.

Sure.  But since I've been tracing the copper/electric/technology thread of
Lara in TAD, it is perhaps too easy for me to say that Lara, the White
Goddess, is also something of a goddess of technology.  The artifact you
cite as being a glaring exception to the otherwise lower-tech of Otherworld
is, in fact, ta-da! a totem for worshipping Lara (like the ice-age Venus

As for a previous owner being a girl, I've always had the suspicion that
Tina was Lara's doll, somehow, other than being modeled on Lara "the
goddess at 16" (which is another paradox to roll over).  (I also have some
wonderment on Tina and Sherry Gold and ghoulas and buried treasure, too.)

I'm leaning more towards a time-tide between the worlds: this way there
would be periods of greatest difference and periods of catch-up in between.
So the O-time ratio would come down from 8.25 to 1 (time synchronization)
and then into negative territory (the distortion would be reversed: 4 days
on Earth would become 33 days on Otherworld).

Adam Stephanides quoted Roy and wrote:
>> Orgasm seems to be fatal. How
>> many would die from having a wet dream?
>We seem compelled to conclude that males in Otherworld don't have wet
>dreams, regardless of the stimulus.

To the contrary!  We know that they can have such dreams and survive, since
W.F. thinks that Green has had such a dream when Green claims to have seen
Lara at United.  IIRC, W.F. tells Green not to worry, these things happen.

The "death trigger" is not ejaculation/orgasm, I suppose, but a biochemical
agent released by the female when the zygotes have been successfully
received in her holding tank.  Then the male's body starts to self destruct.

I thought it was implied that homosexuality was an option in addition to
celibacy, with the corollary that gays wouldn't die (of AIDS-like disease)
like the heterosexual males.



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