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From: StoneOx17@aol.com
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 10:05:48 EST
Subject: Re: (urth) DOORS: Tina 

mantis wrote:
>As for a previous owner being a girl, I've always had the suspicion that
>Tina was Lara's doll, somehow, other than being modeled on Lara "the
>goddess at 16" (which is another paradox to roll over).

If the goddess can change the color of her hair and eyes at will, why not
her age as well?  If the previous owner was the goddess, this might explain
the kitten.  One of the attributes (is this the right word for goddesses, as 
opposed to saints?) of Cybele was a lion.

>I'm leaning more towards a time-tide between the worlds: this way there
>would be periods of greatest difference and periods of catch-up in between.
>So the O-time ratio would come down from 8.25 to 1 (time synchronization)
>and then into negative territory (the distortion would be reversed: 4 days
>on Earth would become 33 days on Otherworld).

I think the 8.25 figure is wrong.  It comes from Green's figuring of 33 days
our world, 4 nights other world.  But Green was only in the other world 
3 nights.  His reckoning is: "A night in the hospital, or perhaps two.  Say
two ..."  But the book only describes one night in the hospital, and this
is confirmed by W.F. -- on the morning Green escapes, W.F. says that
he first saw Green the previous day, just before he went off shift.  As I
mentioned before, I think this corresponds to the 3 days that, according
to some sources, Attis spent in the underworld before he was resurrected. 
This gives an 11 to 1 ratio, but I still can't make it match the 56 months 
to 4 months of his second visit.

There's another datapoint on time flow we haven't considered.  North can't 
have been there more than 2 to 3 years Otherworld time, as he expects 
Nixon to still be president, and is confused about this until Green tells 
him Nixon resigned.  He's been there at least 1.5 years, from the police 
files.  And to me I calculate that the time in our world has to have been
between 11 and 20 years, using generous margins.

--Stone Ox


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