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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:12:23 -0600
From: James Jordan 
Subject: Re: (urth) The Knight

At 02:51 PM 1/22/2003, you wrote:
>At 03:25 AM 1/21/03, Nick wrote:
>>There is a list of character and
>>place names at the beginning, as in the Whorl novels,
>>but in this case the narrator has compiled it...
>I haven't read it yet--it's next on the pile--but I love the character 
>list. The entire novel is addressed to the narrator's brother (at least, I 
>think it's the brother), and the "List of Characters" is prefaced with the 
>note "This list won't make sense to you until you've read the rest of 
>this, but you can refer back to it to keep track of people."

My old *War and Peace* as a list of characters, but in a booklet that can 
be used as a bookmark. THAT's how to do it!



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