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Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:45:58 -0600
From: James Jordan 
Subject: RE: (urth) Sign from the fish's belly

At 09:13 AM 1/28/2003, Crush wrote:

>There IS a subtle application in this to the "Long Sun/Short Sun" in that
>"underwater" is so ubiquitously associated with the "underworld"; that is,
>the land of the dead and the source of prophecy.

Hmm, looking back at the actual statement:

"The city searches the sky for a sign, but no sign shall it have but
the sign from the fish's belly."

Note the opposition of searching the sky and true sign from the sea. Maybe 
after all Wolfe is not pointing very much to Jonah and Jesus but to 
Seawrack. Is the Mother the fish? Is Seawrack's loyalty to Silkhorn the 
sign? And the fact that she can fall back into the sea if she is separated 
from this messiah?
         Or, could this be another angle in a multi-layered prophecy?



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