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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 21:35:10 -0600
From: Jeff Wilson 
Subject: Re: (urth) DOORS: men and goddess

> From:
> "Roy C. Lackey" 

> mantis wrote:
>>So in Otherworld most men die between the age of 14 and 21, let's say.  Any
>>man who survives beyond these years is either asexual or possesses an iron
>>will or is simply too frightened.  And the breeding population isn't a
>>minority, it is just that the men are winnowed out so early that adult men
>>are a numerical minority.
> You would think so, but if you look back at the total of Otherworld
> individuals noted by Green you'll find that the majority are males.
> (Red-faced man on street, clerk in doll hospital, mounted policeman, men in
> mental ward, Sheng, Pille, conspirators, W.F., boxers, cop and firemen after
> explosion, hotel clerk and bellboy, Mama's sons, Klamm's bodyguards, prop
> man at theater, both taxi drivers, etc. And most of the females Green noted
> were in traditional female jobs--nurses, waitresses, clerks, hairdresser. I
> don't know what this means for Otherworld society, but there it is.

There may be more reproductional derrangements in the Otherworld than is 
spelled out.
It's possible that many men and women are infertile or lacking in 
libido, some or
all of the time, or perhaps all of either sex could be "ready" only for 
a small
period of time, or go through a period of unreadiness and then are ready 
from then on.
This would explain there being numerous men and women present in 
non-reproductive roles,
the parade as a means of hooking up newly ready women with newly ready 
men, and the dolls as kind of coaxer for boys who are slow in showing 
signs of getting ready, or as a secondary service; if they can't serve 
as a father, they can serve the Goddess. It's also possible that a 
single man can fertilize multiple women; either by artificial 
insemination, dividng the single sample, or, since according to the 
play, the man doesn't die immediately, by multiple ejaculations before 
death. The dying state doesn't seem erotically conducive, but 
electroejaculation is a possibility....

Jeff Wilson
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