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Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 21:50:38 -0800 (PST)
From: Tami Whitehead 
Subject: Re: (urth) DOORS: men and goddess

As I said before, after reading Doors, I just sat and
scratched my head for several days. It took 3 Star
Trek novellas to purge my grey matter and bring me
back to sense of normalcy (an entirely subjective
state for me, and if I seek it, then I am truly sick
)...be that as it may...

Sex without women in This World usually leads to
varying stages of homosexual behavior. Why not in
Otherworld? (And Wolfe is not above using homosexual
behavior in his tales, as in Latro's little faun boy
that the Spartan general was hot for) Guys may have to
adapt, but they rarely go without...

And what about masturbation? If it were me, and my
life were on the line, I think I could get by quite
well, er, manually. 

I think there is something else going on. I think it
has less to do with ejaculation and more to do with
actual congress, so to speak, with the Goddess or her
handmaidens. Someone else suggested I think that the
Act was more to do with giving oneself to the Goddess
much as Attis did, with knowledge of what would be
required in return, and with the Goddess pitying him
even though she still required it (ok, chicks are
weird, and I can say that because I am a chick, and
always pleased when men are willing to die to sleep
with me. I am just not that strict in enforcing it
This is just a guess. But I do think it
has more to do with the "giving" of the sacrifice to
the Goddess than having sex with regular women, sorta.
Then again, I am just guessing. I like to think I
understand about the Goddess Consuming, but then


--- Jeff Wilson  wrote:
> > From:
> > "Roy C. Lackey" 
> > mantis wrote:
> > 
> >>So in Otherworld most men die between the age of
> 14 and 21, let's say.  Any
> >>man who survives beyond these years is either
> asexual or possesses an iron
> >>will or is simply too frightened.  And the
> breeding population isn't a
> >>minority, it is just that the men are winnowed out
> so early that adult men
> >>are a numerical minority.
> > 
> > 
> > You would think so, but if you look back at the
> total of Otherworld
> > individuals noted by Green you'll find that the
> majority are males.
> > (Red-faced man on street, clerk in doll hospital,
> mounted policeman, men in
> > mental ward, Sheng, Pille, conspirators, W.F.,
> boxers, cop and firemen after
> > explosion, hotel clerk and bellboy, Mama's sons,
> Klamm's bodyguards, prop
> > man at theater, both taxi drivers, etc. And most
> of the females Green noted
> > were in traditional female jobs--nurses,
> waitresses, clerks, hairdresser. I
> > don't know what this means for Otherworld society,
> but there it is.
> There may be more reproductional derrangements in
> the Otherworld than is 
> spelled out.
> It's possible that many men and women are infertile
> or lacking in 
> libido, some or
> all of the time, or perhaps all of either sex could
> be "ready" only for 
> a small
> period of time, or go through a period of
> unreadiness and then are ready 
> from then on.
> This would explain there being numerous men and
> women present in 
> non-reproductive roles,
> the parade as a means of hooking up newly ready
> women with newly ready 
> men, and the dolls as kind of coaxer for boys who
> are slow in showing 
> signs of getting ready, or as a secondary service;
> if they can't serve 
> as a father, they can serve the Goddess. It's also
> possible that a 
> single man can fertilize multiple women; either by
> artificial 
> insemination, dividng the single sample, or, since
> according to the 
> play, the man doesn't die immediately, by multiple
> ejaculations before 
> death. The dying state doesn't seem erotically
> conducive, but 
> electroejaculation is a possibility....
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