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Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 11:54:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Re: (urth) New Wolfe online
From: "sheila miguez" 

--- Andrew Bollen  wrote:
> As for "We could have taken her with us" etc, I think it obviously
> means
> "taken her to the stars", speaking of humanity in general. They
> left her
> behind, so they end up with sterile white ships, no trees, no birds
> etc.

I agree with this.

But I think another possibility for the worms inside
of her are technologically constructed black holes
or some sort of other exotic matter that humans may have
used during their technological advancement. Perhaps as
a temporary means to deal with the Red Giant stage of the sun
until they could leave.

A carelessness about the fate of the earth. And she is left
with cosmic strings revolving around inside her. (Though
I know cosmic strings are not an accepted object -- perhaps
something similar.)

And it would fit with what you say here -- the user fits the
technology rather than the technology fitting the user. The
ships are designed for the convenience of their upkeep rather
than to benefit the life of the occupants.

The earth was manipulated and discarded for the benefit of
the technology rather than gardened in a sustainable way for the
benefit of all.

SPOILER for another book

Was it _Earth_ by David Brin where cosmic strings fall into the
core of the earth?



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