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Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 14:27:10 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) DOORS: perhaps the last note thereon, this round

One of Lara's names is "Leucothea Fitzhugh Hurst" (276).

"The most warlike of the remaining Pelasgians were the Centaurs of
Magnesia, whose clan totems included the wryneck and mountain lion.  They
also worshipped the horse . . . The Centaurs' mother goddess was called, in
Greek, Leucothea, 'the White Goddess' . . . she had also become the
'mother' of Melicertes, or Hercules Melkarth, the god of earlier
semi-Semitic invaders" (THE WHITE GODDESS, pb., p. 52).

While "Tina" sounds like a pure diminutive (fitting her tiny size), it also
sounds to me like it could be a fragment of something like "(Acca)
Larentia," the foster mother of two twins (with a wolf connection in there,
too).  Thus "Lare-ntia" becomes Lara and Tina.

OTOH, the real Tina of myth is something else entirely: an Etruscan thunder
god (p. 187).

Chapter 22 outlines religious stages, paraphrased here:

Stage 1: no "father," only rival "twins" for the love of the goddess.  One
is Star and the other is Serpent.

Stage 1.5: with the invention of fatherhood, men begin to take many of the
roles previously denied them due to gender.

Stage 2: enter Thunder-child, who kills the twins (or castrates/slumbers
the Star, usually kills the Serpent).

With this in mind, if North really is the Thunder-child I've been thinking
he is, then yep, he wants to kill Klamm and Green, remake the world in the
Olympian mode.

New thought: Are any Visitors accidental?  Upon reflection, it seems like
all of them are "invitation only" (with the addition that some of Lara's
lovers might not have been given the invite at all, e.g., Attis and the
Knight); but if this is true, then North was loved and invited, too, back
in 1972.  Which certainly puts his situation in a straightforward context.
To me it would somewhat soften his "Hitler in Oz" feel.



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