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Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 14:06:34 -0800
From: Michael Andre-Driussi 
Subject: (urth) DOORS: nurse accomplice

Roy Lackey, regarding the nurse accomplice, wrote
>I hadn't really thought about _why_ the nurse would help him. She risked her
>job, her car, and possible criminal charges. Motherhood seems a compelling
>reason; I just hope she wasn't the same greedy nurse who nailed poor Bailey!
>Then again, maybe she was. Maybe the story was true about North catching her
>in the act; he blackmailed Gloria into helping him.

Maybe.  But I think this would be ruined by the bush-mail system: every
patient already knows that Gloria got Al, so she's already exposed to some
degree -- I think she would have run off after the coitus.  And if North is
hoping to use Gloria then it wouldn't be good to start that message about
her actions.

Then again, if North was planning on using Nurse X, then it might be a
great idea to up the pressure/confusion by sending the message about Gloria.

Roy quoted Stone Ox and wrote:
>>The conversation at the beginning of chapter 34 may indicate that
>>North knows Lara.  My opinion is that he was her lover as well (although
>>it appears that he doesn't know she's the Goddess, unless he's lying
>>about that as well).
>It's hard for me to think of the Goddess choosing North. His personality is
>so different from Green or Klamm. The only thing I see in favor of his
>having been her lover is his name; but if that's enough to establish a link,
>then I'll bet that W.F. was her lover as well, somewhere along the line, and
>I get no hint that he was a Visitor.

Good, we're on the same page: that all Williams must be Visitors, too.
(Gosh, and TAD was published too soon to be in any way connected to

Brings us back to the "William" puzzle piece.  Why William?  It means
"resolute protector," fwiw.  Historical Williams who might play a part:
Shakespeare (his "dark lady")?; Billy the Kid (oops, too much Delany again)
. . . ?

I don't know.  William seems like a fairly modern name (William the
Conqueror) . . . let's see, Lara admits to Attis, then there is a lacuna,
then there are the Williams . . . is this the alphabet game again?  In
that, she is working her way through the alphabet, starting with "A" in
whatever century B.C. and finally on "W" in 19th and 20th centuries?



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