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From: "Jeff Veyera" 
Subject: RE: (urth) Full of Hot Air + + 
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 18:05:58 -0800

Actually, I just happened to have read it. It's called "Straw", from Storeys
from the Old Hotel, about what would happen had the hot air balloon been
invented in 500 AD.

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Subject: (urth) Full of Hot Air + +

1) There is a GW short story about a hot air balloon.
What is it called (or even about)?  I believe it is in
Endangered Species but I am far from certain.
In the introduction, GW says something about a writing
exercise -- what if something was invented much
earlier than it was?  Any other story fit this general
"writing exercise" format?

2) Reading over the posts, I get a general sense of
the novels that are favored, but which collection of
shorter works stands ahead from the pack?  This is not
a call for an offlist poll, unless people want one...

3) As a teen in the mid 1980's, I discovered GW in my
local library (in Montreal).  I was puzzled because
the library had the first three volumes of the Book of
the New Sun but not the final volume (it had already
been published, at least in hardcover).
Years later in another Montreal library, I discovered
the same thing - volumes 1-3, but not the finale.

Any ideas why or just random circumstances,

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