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Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 09:57:27 -0500
From: thomasbitterman@netscape.net (Thomas Bitterman)
Subject: RE: (urth) Recommended authors

jismulkstis@att.net wrote:

>While stylistically unlike Gene Wolfe, Iain M. Banks

He's not just stylistically unlike Wolfe, their worldviews
are diametrically opposed.  Banks and Wolfe probably shouldn't
shake hands, lest some sort of literary explosion take place.

>I'd like to know what others think of Banks, but this 
>may not be the appropriate forum. 

Obligatory Wolfe note:  I'm convinced that Banks is making an
allusion to Wolfe in _Excession_.  (My copy is at home, so I'll
just draw an outline.)  The ship's interior is hemispherical,
and there is a bright line that rotates around to make day and
night.  Banks describes it as a giant jump rope, with the ship
at play forever.  It's such a brilliant twist to the Long Sun
it's hard to believe Banks didn't have it in mind.


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