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From: "Andrew Bollen" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Re: Silk as Typhon
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 23:36:06 +1100

Roy, seraphic & IMO irrefutable, writes:

> Then here is a somewhat more scientific objection. When Silk briefly
> in that tunnel collapse, he was granted a 'vision' by the Outsider (and it
> _was_ the Outsider; Pas can't raise the dead) of his "parents". That
> 'vision' is treated in the text as every bit as valid as Silk's
> enlightenment. In that vision he saw _four_ parents, not three. The four
> were his "mother" (who gave birth to the embryo and raised him), his
> adoptive father (the old Calde Tussah), the "tall" "blue-eyed" man (who
> his "biological" father) and the undescribed woman (who was his
> mother) (LS3:9). If that woman contributed biological material to the
> that became Silk, then it is not possible for the embryo to have been a
> clone of Typhon, or of anyone else.

The only reason I have seen for thinking that Silk might be a clone is the
vessel-of-Pas theory. But why should Pas want such a vessel? It is clear to
me that the mainframe is the Olympus of these "gods". Like the Greek gods,
they may foray out in human or animal guise, but this is slumming (or
desperation). Who would willingly abandon Olympus forever?

Pas' reign on Blue is to be heralded by the construction of a new
mainframe/Olympus, not by the appearance of a fleshified Passilk.

(BTW - Passilk: homoousios or homoiousios?)


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