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From: "James Wynn" 
Subject: RE: (urth) extra-textual material
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 12:48:28 -0600

Marc queries:
However, I think ascribing too much weight to details in "King Jesus" might
potentially misleading.  Has Wolfe even read it?

Crush responds:
I'd say Don has found the smoking gun that Wolfe HAS read 'King Jesus': That
is, the color of Silk's and Jesus' beard being explicitly referred in 'King
Jesus' as 'Typhonic". There are plenty of textual clues associating Silk
with Jesus.

Don has not only associated Silk with Typhon but provided an explanation for
the mystery of why Silk was **encouraged** to have himself scanned into the
Mainframe and attached to Pas. That Silk is a **clone** of Typhon is
problematic - considering how Wolfe has presented clones in tFHoC it is yet
to be shown that Wolfe would consider a doner-clone relationship to be a
father-son relationship. He would more likely consider clones to be
essentially the same person. But a father-son model would definitely
parallel that in 'King Jesus'.

Now, if Silk were the son of Typhon and Echidna, it would fit thematically
since there are even more clues associating Silk with Hephaestus, the Maker
God; which brings us back to Jesus, The Word, who made all things and
without him nothing was made (John 1:3).

The question of whether Severian is an heir of Typhon is IMO much less well
established. That, in 'King Jesus', Jesus was the son of Herod who was into
the worship of Set is not the same as Jesus being a son of Set. There's
**something** there but it could be that only that Wolfe is sipping from
this particular well of Graves' rather than swimming in it.

-- Crush


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