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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 22:29:20 -0800
Subject: Re: (urth) extra-textual material
From: Lisa Schaffer-Doggett 

On Tuesday, March 11, 2003, at 10:48 AM, James Wynn wrote:

> The question of whether Severian is an heir of Typhon is IMO much less 
> well
> established. That, in 'King Jesus', Jesus was the son of Herod who was 
> into
> the worship of Set is not the same as Jesus being a son of Set. There's
> **something** there but it could be that only that Wolfe is sipping 
> from
> this particular well of Graves' rather than swimming in it.
Aw contrail mon friar,

My assertion that Severian is the son of Typhon has very little to do 
with the KJ parallel.  I think the story of Frog establishes pretty 
well the identity of Ymar as the son of Typhon and there are way too 
many parallels between Severian and Ymar for me to think that they are 
anything but the same person (genetically).  Btw, I should have pointed 
out that in KJ, Herod tries to position himself as an incarnation of 
Set/Typhon, going so far as to wear the golden ass mask of Dora in the 
Holy of Holies.  But the KJ reference was only a minor reference to the 
thematic strength of my argument.  It was never meant to carry the 
whole thing.



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