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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 22:04:53 -0800
From: *THAT* Matt Weber 
Subject: Re: (urth) Typhon, Sev, Silk

>Andrew :

>Sev's lack of meekness is almost a critique of Christ by Wolfe. If I were a
>Christian, there's one scene I'd find quite disturbing - his arrest in
>UOTNS. He fights the soldiers savagely, killing at least one (?). When he
>arrives at the Typhon-era Matachin Tower, he kills the Governess, almost
>immediately & with almost no discussion. Followed, of course, by the slayin=
>of Typhon. The contrast with Christ's arrest and execution must be
>I'd not be surprised to find that Wolfe regards Christ as something of a
>wimp, and I'm pretty sure he regards the pre-Horn Silk in the same way.

I think you're off base here.  Wolfe is presenting Severian as a=20
human being who is in the process of becoming more Christ-like (i.e.=20
as a Christian).  Severian's arrest occurs near the beginning of his=20
journey, if I'm remembering correctly.  His actions at the arrest=20
remind me more of St. Peter at Gethsemane than of Christ.

If Wolfe is indeed the Catholic he claims to be, regarding Christ as=20
a wimp would pose something of a problem of faith.


Si le Roi m'avait donn=E9
Paris, sa grand' ville,
Et qu'il me fall=FBt quitter
L'amour de ma mie,
Je dirais au roi Henri:
"Reprenez votre Paris:
J'aime mieux ma mie, au gu=E9,
J'aime mieux ma mie."


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