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From: "James Wynn" 
Subject: (urth) Re: Other authors
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 07:31:53 -0500

Walter Wangerin's "Book of the Dun Cow" sits on my shelves near to Wolfe's
books. It consists of a Wolfean mixture of myth and theology (Wangerin is,
or was, a Lutheran minister) in an "Animal Farm" stew.

James Tiptree Jr.'s short story, "A Momentary Taste of Being" takes on the
Wolfean theme of identity in a sci-fi story about the purpose of life and
space travel.

I add my endorsement of Helprin's "Winter's Tale". Like Wolfe (and Wangerin
and Tiptree) Helprin's works are as worthwhile for their beautiful writing
as for the story. Incidentally, Helprin was enlisted as Bob Dole's speech
writer during the summer of the 1996 Presidential campaign. He wrote the
"this is where I touch ground" speech that reinvigorated the Dole campaign.
He shortly quit however because he got disgusted with Dole's insistence on
editing his speeches until they sounded like the speeches Dole was giving
before they hired him. Then the Dole campaign returned to its drifting death
by mediocrity.

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