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From: "Dan'l Danehy-Oakes" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Re Moorcock
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 10:57:01 -0700

>Blattid makes many points against which I would find no argument. On the
>subject of Heinlein, maybe I am using the common view of his work, without
>having read that much of it.However, many of his massive later works do
>contain a point-of-view character who seems to be not Heinlein himself, but
>an embarrassingly obvious version of  what he would like to have been if he
>had been born later and been part of his perception of the "Permissive
>Society" of the Sixties.

You mean like the religious bigot in JOB, or the female narrators in
THE BEAST--"? I'm just sayin', is all ...

It's the received view that all Heinlein's protagonists are wish-fulfillment
projections of himself, and especially in his later years. If so, he wished
to be a lot of different things -- which is quite possible, of course. Now,
mind you, I think his female PoV characters are generally pretty badly
realized, and especially Friday. That isn't the point; the point is that
they _aren't_ what the received view says "all Heinlein characters" are and
must be.

>These father-figures who are still highly potent, and attractive to strings
>of young girls are indeed a very pleasant fantasy (speaking as a male now
>approaching his 54th year!) but it is psychologically revealing to repeat
>this image so many times.

Much as, I suppose, it's psychologically revealing that Moorcock uses
rape to redeem his female protagonists at least twice. No offense, man,
but what's grease for the goose, you see.

>Hoping Blattid enjoys "King of the City". I have also just read "Letters
>from Hollywood" after searching for it for many years, and I loved it too.
>Is California really like that?

Parts of it, yeah. Moorcock seems to have stuck pretty much to the coastal
areas, between LA and San Fran. His take on San Francisco as a city that
will eventually preserve itself entirely in lucite as a monument to itself
is so dead-smack-on that I was howling with laughter (and then had to read
it to my SF native wife, who thought it wasn't funny at all). There's a fair
amount going on along Route 101, but California is a mighty big place --
about the size of Iraq, in fact. Driving from LA to San Fran is about like
driving from London to Manchester, in terms of time.


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