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From: "Alice K. Turner" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Greetings!
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 22:00:16 -0400

From Oren:

> I'm new to this list. I actually stumbled upon it while googling for John
> Crowley a few months ago. I was reading Little, Big back then (great
> and was looking for answers to some questions I had about it (I still have
> some actually, and might post them here a bit later, if it's alright;
> haven't read the FAQ yet I must admit). I was surprised I found such a
> lively discussion about Crowley on this board, and answers to some of my
> questions!

Hi Oren,
Nice to have someone who falls upon a list by accident feel so curious that
he (a) signs up and (b) starts right in reading a new author--do you realize
that you have committed to a huge number of books in this Wolfe sequence?!
One of the reasons there's a lot about Crowley here is that Michael
Andre-Driussi (mantis) and I, drawing on the help of four other members of
the list (and many outsiders) put together a big, pretty serious book about
him. But if you want a small *cheap!!* prototype of that book, write to
Michael directly at mantis@sirius.fiction.com. $5 plus, probably, some
shipping, will make you a wise man.

> Anyhow, I've just started reading my first Gene Wolfe novel, Shadow of the
> Torturer. And I have a question about something on the first page actually
> Who were the characters who said the following two phrases:
>     "And try to get through the barbican without a safe-conduct? They'd
> to
>     Master Gurloes."
>     "But why would the guard leave?"

This happens to be a very intelligent question. It has been asked before,
and I was never one who answered it, so I will leave it to the
others--perhaps it shouldn't be answered.



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