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From: "Gareth Jelley" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Generic Considerations
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 20:57:04 +0100

From: "Jason Ingram" 

> Academic answer: It's hard to talk about the non-discursive.  I think
> there are problems with Kantian approaches to reality (there is a
> really real real out there, but we can't know anything for certain
> about it; we can only know about the conditions of possibility of
> knowledge and sense-perception), but don't want to get into that
> discussion.  It's not so much *language* as *subjects* that construct
> realities.  This doesn't mean that anything and everything is up for
> grabs; there are always constraints.  However, absent foundationalist
> arguments, it's hard to specify what those constraints are.  Solution:
> Experimentation to test limits?

A very interesting post, and if anyone else is often perplexed by your
Kants, your Kierkgaards, and your Wittgensteins I recommend the brilliant
'Very Short Introductions' series of books from the Oxford University
Press - they are all about 120-140pp, and they cover a huge range of
subjects (there is one on 'Post-Structualism' and another on 'Quantum
Theory', to give to recent examples...)

Me chipping in again :o)




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