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Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 21:52:29 +1000
From: Che Monro 
Subject: Re: (urth) Flying fish

>Then again, we all know about Wolfe and islands. Is this story yet another
>part of the Wolfe archipelago? Rob is the missionary doctory of
>death-by-shark island?

*laughs* Oh dear!

I find this story interesting because it's a study of the primitive=20
God/Devil. Hanga is both a God and a Demon, capable of friendship, and=20
quite possibly the bestowal of magical powers, and also the destroyer.

You hurt me, Hanga, when you attack my friends and family you hurt me! I=20
wonder if Hanga was feeling a bit jealous and lonely? Perhaps Wolfe could=20
have developed this story a bit further, usually in the bible - the story=20
of David, for instance - the plot that leads a man into conflict with his=20
God are more intricate and involved. Although this does have all the=20
classic elements.

And Mary... "He was such a handsome man"... "I could tell from the their=20
expressions that something was wrong..." Did Mary commit adultry with=20
Hanga? Even if only in thought?

Um, if so then I bet there is some hint in the scene at North Point.


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