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From: "John Barach" 
Subject: Re: (urth) Ares & Aphrodite & Other Latro Stuff
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 12:28:12 -0600

Thanks for the reply, Chris.  I think you're right re. the blood on the hand
(Latro killed Leonidas) and the manumission ceremony.  That Latro's sponsor
was keeping him safe by tearing off the crown hadn't occurred to me!

I glanced at Herodotus's Histories this afternoon, and noted to me surprise
and delight that it ends where Soldier of the Mist ends and Solder of Arete
begins, namely, with the Greek siege of Sestus (9.114-115), Oeobazus and the
bridge cables (9.115), the attempted escape of Artayctes and Oeobazus
(9.118), the Thracian sacrifice of Oeobazus to Pleistorus (9.119), the
miracle of the wriggling salt fish on the fire and the interpretation
Artayces gave (9.120), and the crucifixion of Artayctes and stoning of his
son (9.120).

What other sources is Wolfe drawing on here for his history?  He dedicates
Mist to Herodotus and Arete to Xenophon (who discusses a much later



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